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Land Reclamation
No 49 (2)

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ANNA BARYŁA, ROMUALD ŻMUDA: Determining the spacing of ridge terraces on arable land in central and south-western Poland

MAJA RADZIEMSKA: Investigate the infl uence of halloysite and activated carbon mixtures in phytostabilization of Pb-contaminated soil with Lolium perenne L.

JUSTYNA MAJEWSKA, BOGUMIŁA PAWLU¦KIEWICZ, KAZIMIERZ PIEKUT: The integrated assessment of natural resources status at the rural commune - case study of the Olszanka, Mazovian Voivodeship

PIOTR OSTROWSKI, TOMASZ FALKOWSKI, DARIUSZ KARCZMARZ, PRZEMYSŁAW MˇDRZYCKI, HENRYK SZKUDLARZ: The usefulness of low-altitude aerial photography for the assessment of channel morphodynamics of a lowland river

ZBIGNIEW LECHOWICZ, SIMON RABARIJOELY, TETIANA KUTIA: Determination of undrained shear strength and constrained modulus from DMT for stiff overconsolidated clays

WOJCIECH SAS, ANDRZEJ GŁUCHOWSKI, MACIEJ MITURSKI: Studies on resilient modulus value from cyclic loading tests for cohesive soil

ZBIGNIEW POPEK, MICHAŁ WASILEWICZ: Analysis of technical feasibility of status improvement the river and valley environment on the example of selected objects

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